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OdiusFly Studio is an one-man show indie game studio since 2007, focused on html5 and mobile games, targeting all platforms and players of all age groups.

I offer game development for browser and mobile platforms for your project using game engines like Construct, Buildbox and Unity.

My motto? If you can imagine it, I can make it.

If you’d like to get in touch or you want to purchase a game license, please drop me a line below and i will contact you as soon as possible.



I create games and apps on browser and mobile platforms from concept to completion. I work close with my clients to deliver the best possible experience to represent their brands and make them shine. I use game engines like Construct, Buildbox and Unity. Don’t hesitate to contact me, i’m available always.


If you need to customize/reskin a game/app for you, I’m available to help you asap. Do you have an idea about changing the artwork of a game or an app? Do you have an idea about some changes in programming? Don’t worry, this part where i come in. Let’s discuss all details about your project today.


Do you want more services from me? My skills include, but are not limited to: development, motion, animation, film, cgi and vfx effects, graphics and music. I genuinely have an expressed passion for working in and i’m waiting to work on the next project, your project. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Hi there! Thanks for stopping by.
I’m Kyriakos Farris, founder and CEO of OdiusFly Studio (an indie game development studio focused on html5 and mobile games).
I am currently living in Greece and working as freelancer.
I’ve been making games since 2007. I have 10+ years experience making games and I specialize in html5/mobile game development.
In my free time, I create motion, animation, film, cgi and vfx effects, graphics and music.

I’m available for freelance work always, If you need an html5 or/and mobile game from scratch just let me know..
.. You are more than welcome to explore my website!

If you have any questions and/or requests, please contact me at odiusfly@hotmail.com or using contact form below.




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Feel free to contact us at any time! If you have any questions, requests, comments, or a general inquiry related to licensing, consulting, or partnerships, please complete the following form. We aim to respond within 24-hours.


  • To purchase game license, please contact me via email: odiusfly@hotmail.com or use contact form at the right.
  • Please don’t portal my games (links) without my permission. If you like it, buy a license first. Thank you for understanding.


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